Bomb Lux Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bomb Recipe

This easy bomb lux strawberry cheesecake fat bomb recipe is a perfect bite-sized dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings!

These fat bombs are ideal as a quick snack or to enjoy after dinner. Try them out for yourself!

Creamy Cheesecake

The cream cheese and graham cracker crust in this sweet treat is an absolute delight. Its rich, creamy texture is balanced by a luscious strawberry topping and an equally rich fudge layer made with melted chocolate and peanut butter.

This is a great flavor to vape all winter, as it’s not too overpowering or cloyingly tangy. It’s a delicious and unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. This is an all-day vape that you will love and want to vape over and over again! It’s a perfect Christmas gift or addition to your vaping rotation. Try it today!

Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream is a great choice for anyone looking for a fruity, floral fragrance. The scent is a mix of  butter, cocoa butter, black pepper oil and strawberry powder.

This combination makes for a beautiful, luxurious bath bomb that will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky soft. The scent is a little less fruity than I expected, but it does have some nice warm and musky elements.

Bomb Lux Strawberry

This is one of the most popular flavors in the Bomb Lux family, and for good reason. It has a unique shaped design that is easy to hold, and it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

It also has a large 650ml tank that is compatible with all of the disposables in this line. It has 2800 puffs of e-liquid and features a built-in battery that lasts for days!