Air Bar Max Cranberry Grape Disposable Vape Review

Air Bar Max Cranberry Grape Disposable Vape Review

Air Bar Max is a draw-activated disposable vape that comes prefilled with 6.5ml of e-liquid at a fixed nicotine strength. The device is powered by a non-rechargeable internal 1250mAh battery that produces a satisfyingly dense vapor.

The device is designed to last 2000 puffs before the battery or e-liquid depletes. The battery has a leak-proof design and comes with safety protections to ensure a safer experience.


The Air Bar Max from Suorin is a draw-activated disposable that comes pre-filled with a 6.5ml e-liquid of your choice and a 5% nicotine level. The device is available in a variety of flavors, including fruity options. Try watermelon ice for a refreshingly cool taste or lemon shake for a smooth custard blend with perfectly sweet layers. Other fruity options include cranberry grape, which balances tart cranberries with sweet purple grapes.

The device also offers a variety of ice-themed flavors like Pineapple Ice for a fresh tropical pineapple taste and Grape Ice, which has candied grape flavor with a cool menthol exhale. For a more unique flavor, try Kiwi Berry Ice, which combines fruity kiwi and mixed berry tastes with a cool menthol base.

The device is available in a range of different colors and can be purchased with a rechargeable external battery. It is also easy to refill and has a leak-proof design. The device is ideal for vaping at home or on the go, and can last up to 2000 puffs.


Air Bar Max is one of the most popular disposable vaporizers on the market. It features a unique boxy design that feels comfortable in the hand, and comes pre-filled with a 6.5ml e-liquid that is designed to deliver up to 2000 puffs. This device offers a variety of delicious flavors, and is available in different nicotine strengths.

The cranberry grape flavor is a tart combination of tangy cranberries and sweet grapes that is perfect for vapers who enjoy a fruity taste. The flavor is light on the palette and refreshing, making it perfect for vaping throughout the day.

Air Bar Max is also available in a range of ice-themed flavors, including Guava Ice which combines the sweet flavor of guava melon with a cooling layer of ice. There is also Kiwi Berry Ice, a luscious mix of tart kiwi berries and icy menthol. These refreshing and invigorating flavors are ideal for summertime vaping. The Air Bar Max vaporizer is also easy to clean, and comes with an attractive color scheme that is sure to appeal to vapers.


The Air Bar Max Cranberry Grape disposable vaporizer offers a refreshing flavor that will revitalize your palate and provide a powerful jolt of energy. This new flavor is a delightful fusion of tart cranberries and sweet grapes that will delight your senses. It also has a hint of cool menthol to make the experience even more refreshing. The 6.5ml of e-liquid that is included with this device features the ideal VG/PG ratio of 70:30 and comes with a nicotine level of 5%, so you can enjoy it without feeling too much of a throat hit.

This disposable e-cigarette also has other fruity flavors to choose from, such as Watermelon Ice (inspired by the world-famous energy drink) and Redbull Ice, as well as Berry Shake, which combines luscious berries with a rich milkshake. There are also several ice-flavored options, such as Kiwi Berry Ice and Grape Ice, that will help you stay cool in hot weather.


Air Bar Max Cranberry Grape features a combination of sweet and tart grape flavors that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. This e-liquid is a great option for vapers who love fruit-flavored juices.

Each disposable pod is pre-filled with 6.5ml of nicotine salt e-liquid and has a 5% nicotine strength. The device’s 1250mAh battery allows you to enjoy up to 2000 puffs. The device is leak-proof and comes with safety features, including 10s cut-off protection, low voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

In addition to the delicious cranberry grape flavor, Air Bar Max is available in a wide variety of other unique flavors. These include Pineapple Ice, which has a tropical pineapple taste, and Grape Ice, which has candied grape flavors and a hint of menthol on the exhale. The company also offers a selection of drink-inspired flavors, such as Kiwi Berry Ice, which has the refreshing taste of kiwi berries with a cool menthol flavor.